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IT Infrastructure Consulting Service

Your organization may own and manage a data center, or you may use a data center owned or managed by a service provider. Either way, you need to look across the IT Infrastructure and facilities and effectively plan, build and manage the infrastructure for increased efficiency, agility and business continuity Transform your IT landscape with effective infrastructure management solutions offered by ManTech’s IT Infrastructure Services. ManTech will help deliver these promises to you by utilizing the expertise of our data center experts around six main areas.

Server management

Mantech serve our customers from costeffective installation through durable maintenance. We install and configure and supports all the server and client operating systems, Hardware and Storage We offer our 24/7 service to our clients and resolve the problems pertaining to Hardware, Storage, OS, CPU and memory utilization leverage the performance. Users’ accounts, Fiber Optics, File systems, Service pack & patch management are our Server Management services the enables our clients achieve the best of IT infrastructure.


Mantech work with our customers to assess their current environment, define a virtualization strategy and deliver a complete solution. As a virtualization platform has an impact across the data center, our solutions include server, desktop and application virtualization, taking into account the impact on storage,  networking, orchestration and security. Working with the world’s leading virtualization providers – VMware, Citrix and Microsoft in conjunction with our infrastructure partners HP, EMC and Cisco allows  ManTech to offer our customers enterprise class virtualization platforms suitable for the most mission critical applications and services.

IT Security

Security software and services are in high demand, and staying ahead of the latest security risks requires focus and dedication. Our core security expertise is not only to help you face cyber-threats, ManTech designs, provisions, analyzes and audits network security configuration changes from the application layer down to the network layer accurately and securely. We assure business continuity with a tight security posture, rapid service delivery and regulatory compliance across physical, private, public and hybrid cloud

Enterprise Network Solutions

Work is an activity, not a place defined by four walls and a roof. That’s why Mantech helps businesses make their workplace borderless.

Mantech have years of experience in the design, installation and support of network solutions. Our partner status ensures that our engineers are always subjected to latest training and certifications, enabling us to
provide the highest quality of service to businesses of all sizes.

Staff Outsourcing Services

Staff augmentation is frequently for short term, critical need work. Another common reason for staff augmentation is when there is budget available for additional resources, but there are company limits placed on headcount additions.
ONSITE services include traditional temporary placement of professionals to fill a temporary role, both Onsite & Offshore.
How ONSITE Works…..
ONSITE delivery model is unconstrained by internal politics frequently encountered by the bigger firms.
Our pre-established alliance network, and flexible staff-to-the-need business philosophy accelerate client
decision making providing confidence, cost-containment, and responsiveness.

Our Clients

Our clients tell us we are in a different class to our competitors in how we work with them and the impact we have in transforming their business.

We serve clients across industries who share issues of complexity. We have helped leading and developing corporations, government agencies, and private equity firms that recognize the need for real change. Here are examples of how we help make a lasting impact in the client organization.

– King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital
– Prince Sultan Armed Forces Hospital
– Armed Forces Hospital – Wadi Ad Dawasir
– Reza Investment Company
– Wared Logistics
– Qoot Group
– TatraTEC